Love playing music at the Brown, the hospitality is amazing and the people are super friendly!!

Peter Anspach

Wilton, Connecticut

Our band just played there.....!( What a dance crowd!) One of the best kept secrets in Breckenridge is no longer a secret !!!! Wow....! The wonderful people the (Very)Kind staff..Just walking around this bar is a fantastic treat ! If you want to see what "REAL" Breck, Co is like - visit the "Brown". Brad Curry

Brad Curry

Alma, Colorado

Best bar in Breck! Always featuring awesome live music, as well as great hospitality from all the bartenders. By far my favorite spot in town.

Jenna Maney

Breckenridge, Colorado

The best place to have some fun in Breck!!
We heard about it on the shuttle! After drinks down the street we ventured up a few blocks and were so excited we did. A great band was in the house and rocked the place!!

Laurel Perry

Marblehead, Massachusetts

What a cool unassuming dive bar to get drinks, play cards, and listen to music. This place reminds me of going to a friends place in college or a house party. Fantastic local gem.

Sheena J

Indianapolis, IN

Best spot in Breck to catch the best up and coming bands/live music!

Dave Halchak

Denver, Colorado

The long awaited re-opening and renovation of The Brown has arrived! The historic charm is still prevalent. The bonus downstairs music venue is clutch, with an extra bar for the busy nights! The bands I've seen so far have all been great. The staff is extremely friendly and make The Brown what it is...... The best bar in Breck! Can't wait to see the progression, glad you're back!
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Tiffany Schmidt

Location: unknown

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Hours of Operation


Every Night

Open at 8 pm