Michael R. Cavanaugh Town Council Political Platform 2020

Voting Date April 7th


Being on the Town Board of the Town of Blue River I have specific knowledge that relates to the Goose Pasture Tarn for the storage rights from the 1970’s to Present. With that in my mind, the current water project is a true accomplishment. Especially since it will be coming online soon. It’s a great achievement however it over satisfies the needs of the people of the Town of Breckenridge. We’ve got plenty of water just not enough parking.


The town has proposed an 18th month long project to improve the amount of parking in the South Gondola Parking Lot. However, it only increases the volume by 400 Parking spaces. 400 parking spaces for an 18th month project to tear up the town is not enough increased revenue for the cost of the venture. Most notably this parking garage could not begin to suffice what is necessary to sustain the weight of this town’s ever-increasing tourist traffic.


The Town of Breckenridge has a major problem coordinating and time-spacing the extensive growth amenities that are being created.

A good example of this would be the affordable housing issue. There was a building moratorium in place, in 2019, which was short lived. It was meant to be for 6 months for the historical and conservation district. This was after a 2-year period of re-doing building code regulations. Now the engineers are re-recreating new building regulations while the ink is still not dry on the revised statutes of 2019. The result of that, places financial burdens on the cost of sustainable and attainable housing options. This causes the cost to soar too high for the average individual. The question as to why this was removed weighs on my mind.

Short term rental in Breckenridge, specifically hotels pay a high premium to operate in this locale. Air Bnb’s have virtually no overhead except one’s mortgage or property taxes and a small management fee. Consequently, the commercial end is getting short-sticked. This position is taken primarily in the Breckenridge commercial district. In the conservation and commercial district within the town of Breckenridge, owners of real property should get a significant break in their taxes for switching to long term rentals. There is a definite housing and labor shortage which is evident in the summit stage working force along with the ski industry and their shuttle systems.

Since moving here in 1972 I’ve kept this town close to my heart and have kept my goals on skiing and my work in the hospitality fields. I trust that my fellow citizens will recognize that one is willing to commit their heart and soul to the community when one has made roots in this town that go as deep as the depths of a grave-site.


Respectfully submitted,


March 29th, 2020,


Michael R. Cavanaugh


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