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Michael R. Cavanaugh Town Council Political Platform 2020

Voting Date April 7th

Occupation: Presently own the Historic Brown Hotel and Restaurant and Fox’s Den Foundation

Years in Summit County: 1972 - Present (48 Years)

Family: Cory Ann Cavanaugh (Daughter) Residing in Winter Park, CO

Civic Involvement: 1983-1987 Trustee, Town of Blue River

                                    1985-1987 Co-Chaired on N.W.C.O.G. Northwest Colorado Council of Government on I-70 Corridor with Judy McBride

                                    Elected to the Board of Directors of T.O.B. Finance authority, June 21st 2016 to Present

I came here originally from back east after I was certified to teach and coach in New Hampshire after college. I had four contract offers to teach skiing, and I chose Breckenridge because I felt it was a town. The rest were just parts of a ski resort or too far away from family.


Observing the council over the most recent past years, the town has unfortunately not made much betterment for the folks who live here. I am interested in serving to help continue the progress that council has achieved since my last applications to serve as a town council member twice before. I wish to reinstate the faith of the citizens of Breckenridge, that council moves in a multi-faceted growth pattern. The biggest challenges I see facing the town are acquisitions, which place the Town of Breckenridge in an equal position to face the continuing growth and how to control and utilize its experiences to become more efficient. Too much reliance on town staff and surveys could be misleading the council. If we look over pay and benefits of existing staff and adjust according to which services should be raised or lowered, additional resources could be channeled more adequately.  

The voting populous has not doubled over the past 10-15 years yet the town amenities have all sucked resources into doubling capacity for use of their facilities this past term. The necessity of this does not show in the numbers. Expansion on these conveniences require upticks in taxing to support necessities such as childcare. If we were to reduce allocations given to these services, then additional taxes might not be needed. There are existing funds in the 2019 budget that have not been allocated. There are existing facilities that can be converted and or expanded to a daycare center and our resourcefulness as a town must be especially practiced on this matter.


Any of the improvements that this town wishes to adopt should be placed on ballots when requiring bonding or appropriation of major funds rather than through recommendations from studies going to Town Council polls. In placing the priority on the primary institutions and renovations that need funding and presenting this to voting residents to decide upon, we get a more accurate idea of where the community needs exist.

One issue it seems everyone can agree on is that, during peak seasons, the infrastructure of the Town of Breckenridge is definitely overwhelmed. February 8th, the day of the big snowstorm this year, I-70 and 285 were both closed. At 1p.m. there were 19,000 people on the mountain. By 2pm there were 22,000 people on the mountain. Since working on the I-70 corridor from 1985-1987, I find that nothing has really changed. The biggest problem on the corridor was Idaho Springs primarily due to the overgrowth of the state. A potential corrective measure is to control people having access to these mountains. The problem is still prevalent and has fallen by the wayside. Someone from town council needs to sit on an advisory board along with CDOT, NWCCOG and Vail Resorts in order to liaison between all parties involved. In conclusion, some device should be put in place in order regulate the safety and enjoyment of Colorado High Country living.


I believe that Vail is the place where the world should vacation. Our mountains are not big enough to host races, competitions, or world events. There are better areas of mountain more suitable for these types of occasions and we should do our best to remember that, at this time, Breckenridge still has the holding capacity of exactly what it is, a small mountain town.

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